Friday, October 14, 2016

From Maine to Oregon

A wedding called us to the West coast in a long anticipated trip to Oregon's wine country.
The weather was superlative, post harvest, still warm and bright clear days. We understand that this is not always the case.
We went from our Portland affair to the Willamette Valley not far from the city. They specialize in Pinot Noirs and a wide assortment of agricultural products. Many fairs, events and activities take place during the year in this area and I suspect there is no wrong time to visit. Vineyard tasting rooms, local culinary events and beautiful countryside is a draw at any time of the year. We stayed in Yamhill at a Bed and Breakfast that felt more like a guest house. Comfortable enough although a little fussy for our taste. The higher priced room also promised a view of the vineyards which it sort of had a small slice of, over the parking area. The best view was not available from any bedroom but on the deck which was not set up for  leisurely enjoyment. It also ran out of water- a first. "oh yes, it does that sometimes when two people take a shower.." What?
Check your interests carefully before booking a bed and breakfast. Each one has it's own distinct personality. We felt as though we were intruding in someone's house. Some Bed and Breakfasts have a separate private area of the innkeepers. This one was directly in the home. Lots of personal pictures, a television constantly on, etc.
 The location was pretty good though although Yamhill does not have the restaurant availability that other spots- like Carlton do. It is an agricultural area and if you want a rural getaway this may be the spot for you.

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