Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Provence has been written of often enough that I will refrain from waxing too poetic on how beautiful it is, how hilltop towns and rich fields of farming contribute to the overall sense that this is a place that is lovingly preserved and tended.
We stayed in Aix en Provence for our base, which proved to be pretty perfect. We could not only wander the town but take feasible day trips to a myriad of spots.

This region is probably best known for it's artists. Paul Cezanne claimed Aix as his own. Regrettably, for Aix, all the fine Cezannes are elsewhere in the world but we found the town to be charming and welcoming.

We stayed at an Airbnb apartment, a third floor walk up which made it a challenge at the end of a day and to bring suitcases up but lots of light, well appointed and plenty of room. The caretaker was most helpful but it was a good lesson to read the rental descriptions carefully and consider your personal challenges. Nights were quite noisy as there was a very popular bar across the street. Small city streets funnel the noise into the only direction they can go- upward and outward. Sleep was a challenge on weekends and we were glad to see the nights the bar closed!

We were near the main promenade Coeurs Mirabeau which has market days, restaurants and one of my favorite fountains ever ( the Piazza Navona in Rome notwithstanding). Everything was walkable and we parked the car not too far away to slip in and out for our day trips.

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