Friday, October 14, 2016

The West Coast

It is always interesting to me to see different areas of the world and how distinctive they are from each other. There can be no doubt that the land shapes us besides inspiring us.
The West coast has it's own character of being storm shaped through the millenium creating interesting beaches and rocks. To get seaside  from inland you can pass through vast forests of moss sleeved trees and creeks. Redwoods and ferns create a primeval character to the thick growth. This is old land and thanks to the powers that be wherever it is being preserved in many parks, campsites and walking trails.
There were no people around as we traversed back roads heading west. No animals either, that I could see. I suspect there is enough room for them to avoid human contact. With the craziness of people nowadays who can blame them!
The forests give way to the sea which was stunning. We drove from Pacific City to Depoe Bay, a very small segment of the inevitable beauty that awaits our next visit. At Depoe Bay we were treated to grey whales and seals in the cove under a beautiful sky and a surprisingly good meal. (It was a very ordinary restaurant with a superlative view.

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