Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A New Perspective

 Clearly it has been a  long time since the last post. Somewhat because of Covid and some because life seems to go quickly and then grinds to a halt and then speeds up again. 

It is Fall in Maine, and although there are other things to also write about this section will talk about how beautiful Maine is in the Fall. I have been walking the dog a lot. I forget about the madness of the world and can just enjoy the Nature around me with my rascal dog.  The quality of the air takes on a fresh tone, especially from the heat and humidity of the summer. Some leaves have begun to turn and the evenings turn jacket cool. Layering is the way of the day with the mornings starting out needing sweaters and by midday you are down to sleeveless tanks.

As the birds begin to migrate I think of traveling too....

Here's what I am talking about-