Thursday, December 23, 2021

Christmas in New York

 As Covid and its cousins lean into our daily lives like unwanted houseguests, never leaving and really stinking, sometimes we have to get out and see the things we love. Vaxed thrice and following up with a test upon arrival home we journeyed to the Big Apple for a couple days of Christmas cheer. 

It's a wonderful city for that. This year though, you could feel a difference in the air. Far less people than the usual crowds. Sidewalk extensions of restaurants with heaters and the masked waiters showed the change of the days. It is still a great place to be.

A journey to the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx displayed a wonderful miniature train show in and out of the mature plantings of the Conservatory. Walking around the city showed the typical surprises of architecture and eye candy of the Fifth Avenue store windows. It's mostly all there although I was disappointed that Tiffany had no displays at all. They were usually quite creative. Of course Bergdorff Goodman never fails to disappoint as the window shots below show.