Friday, August 26, 2022

Oh! Canada- Prince Edward Island, Summer 2022

  Preparing the van gets easier as we go along.

I planned a trip to Prince Edward Island for 10 days this summer. My first stop was St. Andrews in New Brunswick- about a 4 hour drive.

It is an attractive town, in June, is mostly filled with Canadians and motorcycles. There is a lovely garden there to be sure to visit. CHeck these photos-


Crossing over onto PEI is the most marvelous bridge.- a real feat of engineering. 8 miles high above the water. I looked for whales and was glad it wasn't windy! I stayed to the left of the bridge and worked my way around the Island clockwise. THere are a lot of farms and small bays with fishing boats. I had always heard how picturesque it was but you know, in the long run, it doesn't hold a candle to Maine. I think it just doesn't get enough business to build its towns. It was lovely and here is a picture tour-
Stacking your winter wood can become quite the art.

Potato fields and maritime opportunities make for a lovely view.

The red sandstone wears to red Beaches. This was a northernmost point.

Malpeque Harbor- where there was an excellent oyster barn restaurant

Norton's Creek at Brudenell Provincial Park

Brudenell Provincial Park

Point Prim Lighthouse

West End lighthouse

Seaside humor

Swordfish or tuna- some large fish tails

I am a sucker for a contrasting reflection.

Lupines blooming everywhere

The East Point Light house.

The campsites were quite nice for the most part. I stayed at Summerside, Cabot Beach Provinicial Park, Brudenell Provincial Park and a hotel when I got to Charlottetown. I found Charlottetown could be done in a day although I am sure there was more to the town than what I saw. I enjoyed some of the birds and had a friendly beggar at my last campsite. I hope he makes it through the winter!

Heron in the fog'

A friendly freeloader