Wednesday, March 22, 2023


In reviewing the trip it still seems pretty awesome that I had the opportunity to do this for miles and miles. 13,387 miles to be sort of exact. What an amazing country we live in, so diverse, so beautiful. Now that I have been home for a couple of weeks I am thinking of where to go next. Who knows? At the moment I am researching to see what will work out best.
If you would like the trip as an overview, go to the beginning first- scroll down to October 15 when it all began and work your way up. SO many memories to cast back on! I went to 19 states, plus Canada. I stayed at 32 campsites, 18 hotels, 5 friendly houses (relatives and friends) 3 Airbnb's. Learned a lot of history via my Autio App. I crossed the
Chisholm Trail,
The Great Cattle Trail
The Continental Divide
the Erie Canal
saw Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario
The Mississippi
The Ohio River, many other state rivers
Lake Meade, the Salton Sea
National parks, state parks, county parks, Canadian parks
went through many indigenous lands
went through Alien Country
saw the border wall
traveled Route 66
and so many more views, vignettes, experiences, contemplation...

Here are some more pictures that I just liked-

Sandhill Crane on the shore of Lake Michigan- Bay State Park

Gina enjoys fall colors in Battle Creek, Michigan

Gina gets a better view when riding on country roads

Route 66 runs through Pontiac, IL and has a museum

Bygone grandeur along the Mississippi

Mural in Cuba, MO along Route 66

Bryce Canyon was chilly and beautiful

Capitol Reef National Park, UT

Arches National Park is not just arches...

Winslow AZ was brought back to life through song.

The best taco in the world

The funky restaurant in Tucumcari that served the best taco in the world

Palo Duro Canyon in northern TX

A terrific sculpture in Oklahoma City about land grabs

My favorite park- Pomme de Terre, Missouri

There will be more......

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